Water Dogs is underwater photography by Tammy Gibbs.  I'm based in Perth, Western Australia. 

I learned to scuba dive in 2004 and started taking photos a few years later to share the amazing underwater world with others.

Since then, I’ve travelled extensively throughout Australasia photographing beautiful coral reefs, wrecks, jetties, and all sorts of marine animals from seahorses no bigger than your fingernail to whales and great white sharks.

I’ve won a few awards along the way for both my underwater and nature photos and have had images and articles published online and in print.  You can check out my other work by heading to tammygibbsphotography.com

Now I'm taking my skills and equipment into the swimming pool to capture unique images of your furry friends as they dive below the water.


No two dogs perform the same way in the water and the images captured of each dog will always be different and unique.

Some dogs fully submerge and open their eyes, others don’t. Some dogs are all legs and paws when they leap, others are more graceful. The more comfortable and confident your dog is in the water, the better the images (trust me, I learned this from trying to photograph my own dog Hugo underwater).

To capture these stunning and individual images of your dog, I use professional camera equipment which includes Nikon SLR cameras, wide angle lenses, underwater strobes (flashes) and aluminium underwater housings with glass domes.

Sessions are held on weekends in a private heated swimming pool.  If you have a backyard pool and are happy for your dog to swim in it, sessions can be arranged on request. When the sun is shining and the swell is down, sessions can also be held at a dog beach.

Email me for more information about the sessions including locations, prices and bookings.